Difarma - Univ Salerno

Dodaco and the partnership with the University of Salerno

The long partnership between Dodaco and the University of Salerno is based on a constant comparison and exchange of ideas that often translates into joint participation in PORs of the Campania Region.

Difarma - Univ SalernoSince before the official creation of Dodaco, our research and development team had the great opportunity to forge and nurture a stimulating and fruitful collaboration with the University of Salerno and in particular its headquarters in Fisciano and the Faculty of Pharmacy. The first project in which Dodaco and the University of Salerno formed an alliance dates back to 2012 and aimed to understand how to best preserve the natural substances of fruit and vegetables during their processing by developing a study on extraction, recovery and the characterisation of the active molecules present in the fruit and vegetable matrices. Hence our innovative sterilisation system.

In 2014 Dodaco and the University of Salerno decided to replicate the partnership, this time in order to formulate and implement nutraceuticals and functional foods for the elderly based on the evaluation of the biological properties of some food matrices. From this second joint research, as many as 13 balanced mixtures obtained from the combination of fruit and vegetables were created and produced. These products are useful for maintaining health and preventing diseases associated with old age.

Strengthened by these successes, in 2016 Dodaco and the University of Salerno decided to start two new collaborative projects, both still in progress.
The first – in which Associazione Terzo Tempo also participates – concerns the “tools to support prevention, diagnosis and monitoring of obesity in children” and is aimed at creating an integrated model for management of this disease.
The other – also attended by the University of Naples Federico II and the Institute for the study and treatment of cancers G. Pascale – focused on “nutraceuticals as nutritional support of the oncological product”, that is aimed at developing nutraceutical products capable to determine a decrease in drug concentrations and a reduction in the side effects associated with classic cancer therapies.

While waiting to discover the results of these two new research and development projects carried out by Dodaco and its partners, keep reading our news or, if you prefer, contact us directly.

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