Spout pouches and caps: Brickcap

In addition to the more classic Babycap, at Dodaco we offer our customers the possibility of completing our stand up pouch packaging – such us Doypack and Cheerpack – with another special cap, designed to become a toy once the product is consumed: this is Brickcap.

BrickcapAlways focused on the use of innovative food packaging and attentive to the environment, at Dodaco we have introduced the possibility of reusing a part of our products: once the tasty organic fruit and vegetables purees contained in the spout pouch have been consumed, the cap can be transformed into a real toy if you choose to equip it with a Brickcap.

The Brickcap, just like the Babycap, is an anti-suffocation cap, has the same overall dimensions (33 mm) and the same safety features, it is suitable for the same straws as the Babycap (8.6 mm). The Brickcap is available in both HDPE (high density polyethylene) and PE (Polyethylene) for sterilisation process, always in 10 colours (red, yellow, purple, green, orange, light blue, blue, brown, black and white).

The difference between a normal Babycap and the Brickcap is that the latter has a hexagonal shape with lateral ribs. This feature makes it possible to give the cap a second life once the product has been consumed – for the sake of sustainability and reuse – because it allows kids to transform it into a game of interlocking constructions with which they can make their imagination work by creating wonderful 3D objects. The cap is no longer thrown away, it is collected!

P.N. Brickcap is compliant with the “EU: Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/CE and EN71 (CE compliant)” and intended for use by children above 36 months.

To get more details on packaging and caps used by Dodaco, keep reading our news or, if you prefer, contact us directly.

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