Dodaco - paper pouch

Spout pouches and polylaminates: “bio-based”, “paper” and “microwaveable”

Dodaco have specialised in the packaging of fruit and vegetable biological purees in stand up pouches. Our Doypacks and Cheerpacks have different filling capacities and caps and are available in a variety of polylaminates. Here we present the “bio-based” model, the “paper” model and the “microwaveable” model.

Dodaco - paper pouchAt Dodaco we offer polylaminates that are suitable for hot filling up to 92° C. They protect the contents from oxygen and light radiation, avoiding oxidative effects and browning of the product. In addition to the “standard” and “Alu free” polylaminates, at Dodaco we work with three other materials with innovative features:

• “Bio-based” polylaminate, without aluminum and 80% formed from biological materials obtained from renewable sources.
• “Paper” polylaminate, also without aluminum, is finished with a layer of paper on the outside giving the spout pouches a more “natural” appearance. Doypack and Cheerpack produced with this polylaminate can be recycled if disposed of in factories that break down the polylaminate materials.
• “Microwaveable” polylaminate, obviously without aluminum, is a material that instead of polyethylene uses polypropylene and this makes it suitable for microwave cooking.

To get more details on Dodaco and our offer, keep reading our news or, if you prefer, contact us directly.

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