Doypack & Cheerpack

Stand up pouches for food: Doypack and Cheerpack

To pack food and drinks on behalf of private label and distributors, Dodaco has always chosen spout pouches. In particular at Dodaco we use two food packaging variants: Doypack and Cheerpack. Below is an overview of their characteristics.

Doypack & CheerpackDoypack and Cheerpack are two types of stand up pouch packaging in polylaminate.Both are highly functional in terms of product preservation, they have a centred closure capand different formats for plugs and nozzles, they are available in various types of laminates from two to four layers, with or without the presence of aluminium and with or without a barrier.

The Doypack is more suitable for smaller formats, available in various capacities between 70 ml and 250 ml, nevertheless remains endowed with great stability and balance; the Cheerpack is instead ideal for volumes over 200 ml although it is available starting from a capacity of 70 ml up to 500 ml and can be customised on all four sides giving a great visual impact.

Doypacks and Cheerpacks can be completed with the classic HDPE (high density polyethylene) screw capweighing 1.27 g or one of our special caps: Babycap or Brickcap.

To get more details on packaging and caps used by Dodaco, keep reading our news or, if you prefer, contact us directly.

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