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Dodaco and the stand up pouches for food

Since the beginning of our business, we at Dodaco have specialised in working with private label and distributors, filling stand up pouches with organic fruits and vegetables purees. . Why have we chosen – and continue to choose – this specific flexible packaging for the food industry? Well, here’s the answer.

Dodaco - pouchWhen we created Dodaco, stand up pouch packaging was not particularly widespread, especially in the food sector. Considering, however, its unique characteristics, at Dodaco we thought they would very well meet the needs of our potential customers, producers or distributors of liquid or semi-liquid food and drinks.

In fact, the spout pouches with straw allows – thanks to its polylaminate structure – to preserve its contents from air and light for a long period, as well as – thanks to the cap – to consume it at different times and practically everywhere. Light, practical, easy to use, hygienic and resistant, the pouch cannot be damaged during transport (unlike glass) and can be customised on its entire surface.

Because of its characteristics, this food packaging allows the users to maximise loads, to reduce transport costs and the consequent emission of CO2, to avoid waste due to damage. Then, once emptied, spout pouches can be flattened to ensure minimum bulk during disposal. Finally, stand up pouches are a functional marketing tool for private labels and distributors.

To get more details on packaging used by Dodaco, keep reading our news or, if you prefer, contact us directly.

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